Classic Fairy-tales List for 2-6 Year Olds

Before Walt Disney started making their rendition of the classic fairy tales (Dreamworks and Pixar joined the fad later), there existed a wonderful world, a world which triggered a child’s imagination, gave them moral lessons and whisked them off to another world; a boundless world within the confines of pages- a world of books. Yes, for centuries children across the world grew up reading fairy tales or listening to them from their parents or grandparents.

Once upon a time, long long ago in the 1700’s, there lived two German scholar brothers. They wrote a collection of stories for kids. This collection was called ‘The Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales.’ Most of these stories had a moral but with gruesome ending to emphasize the message. But they were wonderful tales. At some point in future, not too late, the British translated these stories to a little less scary version and published them. Since then, several versions of these fairy tales have existed, but the core story remains the same till date. There are even illustrated versions of these stories available (even today) in single book form or as a collection of various fairy tales, for the little toddlers to enjoy.

Here is a list of some of the absolute classics which I grew up reading (and eventually the original version translated into English). This list has been previewed by my 3 year old daughter. This is a list of stories she loves listening to and retelling while pointing at the illustration. So, I’m sure kids of her age will like them too. These are pictures of some of the old book covers with the names.

P.S.: These are not the Disney versions.



19393 SnowWhite mainOCB


download (1)

download (2)





the-pied-piper-of-hamelin-ladybird-book-well-loved-tales-series-606d-gloss-hardback-1988-1834-p three-little-pigs-anthology-big-book-various-paperback-cover-art

Written & Compiled by-

Rinkkini D


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