Are You a Helicopter Parent?


Helicopter parents: It’s the name given to the obsessively protective parents who “hover” around their kids. Of course, those kids end up becoming helpless teenagers and adults who always look for mommy to swoop in and save the day. Check out some of the most obvious signs.

  1. Your child’s teachers see you coming and instead of greeting you with “Hi,” they groan and whisper, “Oh God! Not her!”
  2. You still hand/spoon feed your child he/she is over 6 years old.
  3. You have the principal on speed dial and keep a list of things to tell him/her “next time.”
  4. When your daughter got her “pen permit” from the school for learning cursive, you took it away because someone might lose an eye with that thing!
  5. You’ve complete your kid’s school projects. COMPLETE, not helped (yes, there is a difference).
  6. You bought your 10-year-old a smart-phone so that he/she can text you when the bus gets to let you know he/she reached school “safely”.overprotective
  7. You are horrified when someone suggests your 10-year-old put his/her own plate in the sink.
  8. Your child has NEVER lost a game while playing with you.
  9. Your kid’s friends don’t like to come over for play dates because they don’t want to have to play with YOU.
  10. You hired a Spanish (or some foreign language) tutor- for your preschooler!
  11. Your kids don’t eat at birthday parties because there are GERMS there and YOU haven’t checked the food…
  12. You say your kid has never eaten dirt or licked the wall or picked up food from the floor and eaten it (and you actually believe yourself).


If you said yes to less than 6 of these, then well done! You are a chilled out parent and let your child breath!

If you said yes to more 6 but less than 9, then you need to loosen up a little bit.

And if you said yes to more than 9…! PLEASE give your child some space and freedom! You are SMOTHERING him/her! Poor kid is more afraid of you than the strictest of the teacher!

Micromanaging your child is never a bright idea. Let them explore the world, let them make mistakes. It’s ok. This is how they learn.

Written by-

Rinkkini D


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