Effects of Helicopter Parenting


Helicopter parents can be identified by their tendency to hover close to their child, ready to come to the rescue at the first sign of difficulty or disappointment. They treat their school/college-age children to the same full-service parenting they have implemented since birth: they feed them, do laundry, drive them to classes, arrange for utilities to be turned on and off… It is not uncommon for helicopter parents to contact teachers about their child’s exams or insist that a test be re-graded.

Listed are some adverse effects it has on the children:


Low self-esteem and confidence: Helicopter parenting usually backfires on both children and their parents. In fact, it can destroy the basic concept of family culture. Parents, with their parenting style, send an invisible and indirect signal saying that “I don’t trust you, so let’s do thing my way.” Over insistence on controlling a child’s mind will eventually result in the development of low esteem and confidence.

Failure to manage with crisis and emergencies: Children, who are managed under a helicopter parenting style, are more likely to develop low coping skills that required managing emergencies, anger, frustration, disappointment, failure and crisis. If parents keep managing their children’s affairs, how do they expect them to become independent and self-sufficient?  Studies show us that children who are nurtured under helicopter parenting style are more likely to face serious problems in life.

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Enhanced anxiety and panic state: The results of helicopter parenting can lead to anxiety, fear, panic syndrome, and depression and isolation tendencies in the kids, as a child and as an adult.

A deep sense of entitlement and rebel tendencies: Helicopter parented children are more likely to develop a sense of entitlement which leads to them having their own way or feel suffocated. This can lead to either incompetence in life or turn them into rebels.


Helicopter parenting, by all means, signifies a negative type of parenting where the children in question might lose their personal identity altogether. Several negative consequences surround this parenting style. Parents should check themselves from over bearing and over protecting their kids, not for themselves, but for the sake of their children so that they can lead a normal life as a child and as an adult.

Written by-

Rinkkini D


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